Beck’s Smokery Timeline

1988Beck’s Smokery was established in Stuart, Florida, as a supplier of smoked seafood and smoked fish dip to local restaurants.

1989Beck’s Smokery began introducing various dips to these establishments.

1990Following the success of its dips, the company expanded to the South Florida area, serving both retail and food service markets.

1997After reengineering the processing techniques, streamlining production, and relocating the production facility to Pompano Beach, Florida, the company broadened its product line and market reach.

Beck’s specializes in creating seafood spreads from scratch using real seafood and maintains a strong commitment to sustainability and minimizing environmental impact, which are integral to its business model.

Our Roots

From Local Favorite to Regional Must-Have

Starting from humble beginnings in Stuart, Florida, Beck’s Smokery has been on a flavorful journey since 1988. Originally wooing local taste buds with our signature smoked fish dip, we’ve since taken South Florida by storm and expanded our reach beyond just the local market.

Our Innovation

Freshness Through Smart Technology

Thanks to some smart tech tweaks, we’ve mastered the art of keeping our spreads fresh for 90 days – no artificial nasties needed. Our commitment to innovation not only enhances the shelf life of our products but does so while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Our Commitment

Sustainabley and Crafted with Care

And, because we care about what you eat and the planet, all our fish products are  kosher, crafted from scratch with real seafood, and made with sustainability in mind. Dive into our world, where every spread tells the story of innovation, quality, and a splash of fun!

Commitment to Quality

Excellence in Every Bite

At Beck’s Smokery, we uphold the highest standards of quality in the production of our seafood spreads. We are proud to have achieved the prestigious AA+ grade under the BRCGS Global Standard for Food Safety. This certification reflects our dedication to excellence and our commitment to delivering superior seafood products to our customers without compromise.